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John Rousseau



John was born and raised in a small town in Northern Canada which, fortunately for him, happened to have a nine-hole public golf course. His next older brother, about eight years older, was a golfer and dragged the young John along to the course.

John learned golf before any other sports. When he first picked up a baseball bat, he used an interlocking grip! The nearest golf pro was several hundred miles away, so John is entirely self-taught and, unfortunately, it shows. Over the years, many well-intentioned pros have tried to effect changes on a deeply ingrained swing, which will almost certainly never change in any meaningful way!

John is a lawyer, because he needs to support his golf and travel habits somehow. He has a lovely wife and two fine sons, none of whom play golf at the moment (although John has not given up hope of getting them into the game).

John loves to read about golf and has a fairly large golf library at home (his wife laughs at the term “fairly large”, since the collection of golf books threatens to fill every nook and cranny in their home).

He travels extensively for golf, around Canada, the United States, and elsewhere and has made many golf friends during his travels.

His travels, wardrobe (he wears only golf shirts), television watching, and most other aspects of his life are built around golf. He came to the Shivas Irons Society relatively recently and is bent on seeing it grow, to the point that he will have golf buddies all around the world!

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