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The Shivas Iron Society

The Shivas Irons Society

What a glorious three days in Tennessee. Unique golf courses, transcendental scenery and Shivas Irons Society members whose company and personalities I will never forget — like characters from Golf in the Kingdom.  

~Henry Farber

Interesting philosophy on Golf, golfing opportunities and golfing soul mates.

~Jerry Hitzhusen

...I joined the society a few years ago after sitting on the lip for years. I don’t know why I waited. I adore Golf in the Kingdom and everyone I've ever met who loved it too. It’s been on my top-ten shelf ever since I sequestered a top-ten shelf for books. To the best of my knowledge, however, none of the other top-teners: Moby Dick; Antoine St. Exupery’s Wind, Sand, Stars, Peter Mathesson’s The Snow Leopard resulted in the creation of a tribe committed to everyday mysticism, a tribe that considers golf a legitimate yoga. When I’ve been around Shivas members there was little talk of swing planes or handicaps. There was no pecking order based on how far we hit our driving irons, or whether we even carried one. The golf and the sitting together afterward was a celebration of our shared experience, our glasses raised to the mystery of being alive. The Shivas Irons Society, the fact that it exists at all, is a miracle. It has renewed my love of golf, the possibilities of connection and how good it feels, if only every now and then, to be free from fear.

~Jeff Bowden

By bringing together the many admirers of Shivas and Golf in the Kingdom, the society will create synergy leading to as-yet unknown pleasures to be gained from  this indecently alluring game.

~Steve Cohen, Founder, Shivas Irons Society

The Shivas Irons Society is a 501(C)3 nonprofit corporation
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