2019 Masters Championship - Congratulations Tiger

It was an epic Masters golf tournament; one of those times you will forever remember where you were, with whom you were watching, what you were thinking or doing when the seas (or the pond fronting Golden Bell's green) parted and swallowed the balls of Tiger Woods' competitors and laid out a green carpet for Tiger to confidently strut down on the way to his 15th major championship victory.

Whether you cheer Tiger for his talent, or loathe him for his personal shortcomings, or feel indifferently towards him (how could he have turned out differently given the way he was raised), you have to admit that he raises the meter in terms of interest and excitement for the game.

Were there any Shivas Irons Society patrons at Augusta to witness the unfolding of this hero's journey? If so, please share with us, what your experience was like being there witnessing history unfold.


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