Paradoxes in Golf

I've often been intrigued about the concept of paradox and how often and in how many ways, it applies in golf. Just to describe a few:

• swing harder and the ball goes nowhere, but swing easily and it launches like a rocket, sometimes seemingly on a forever trajectory,

• trying harder to shoot a good score that results in a round plagued by errors and frustration,

• playing with an intention to impress one's playing partners with results similar to above, contrasted by playing with an infusion of appreciation for the environment and the people around me, and the focus that alludes when trying hard, mystically appears like a friendly shadow showing up as the sun breaks through the clouds.

What are some of the paradoxes you have experienced in your game?

Has experience and learning from the paradoxes you've noticed influenced how you play or practice?

And if so, what have you noticed?


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Todd Rohrer Portland, OR
04/02/2019 • 4:10 pm

The Shivas Irons Society, Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy and Fred Shoemaker’s Extraordinary Golf, to name a few, all encourage us to find our own reasons to play at golf.

I’ve always been intrigued by how many confident, accomplished people find themselves on a golf course and surrender their instincts.  They try to play someone else’s game.

I’m not sure they behave that way in any other pursuit.  Funny game...