What's Your Mantra?

Do you have a mantra of sorts that is expressed in the way you play golf and/or in the way you play life? For me, it's "This time, you've gone too far!"

It has definitely shown up in both golf and life for me. First time I heard the phrase was many years ago when my piano teacher asked me to play a passage of music and then stop. I muddled through the passage and then kept on playing as I wanted to hear where the music was going. Ron Elliston, my teacher humorously exclaimed, "this time you've gone too far!" and ever since, I've noticed how I go too far whether it's swinging the golf club faster and harder than I can stay aware of what I'm doing, or exercising past a point where I start to hurt myself rather than heal and strengthen my body. My mantra even shows up at the dinner table when I eat too much, too fast. My personal mantra is a place that I can look at, to ask myself what am I supposed to be learning here (maybe grace and patience?) and how can this serve me and serve others as well. And now, I ask you, what is your mantra, where does it show up, and what's there to learn?


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Blanca Diez La Quinta, CA
06/14/2021 • 9:19 pm

Love it. Marta... Man =mind Tra= Vehicle 🚗 

Mantra Vehicle of my Mind... My Mantra

Inhale Love ❤️ 

Exale Peace

and in all situation be Love

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Doug Stein Lookout Mountain, GA
08/05/2021 • 7:19 am

My old friend The Reverend King Oehmig, who left us 6 years ago, used to say, "Oh, well," whenever he missed a putt, or hit an errant shot. It has become my own mantra when the vagaries of my own imperfection rise up on the links.

"Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity." Stephen Mitchell, Tao Te Ching.