What's Your Mantra?

Do you have a mantra of sorts that is expressed in the way you play golf and/or in the way you play life? For me, it's "This time, you've gone too far!"

It has definitely shown up in both golf and life for me. First time I heard the phrase was many years ago when my piano teacher asked me to play a passage of music and then stop. I muddled through the passage and then kept on playing as I wanted to hear where the music was going. Ron Elliston, my teacher humorously exclaimed, "this time you've gone too far!" and ever since, I've noticed how I go too far whether it's swinging the golf club faster and harder than I can stay aware of what I'm doing, or exercising past a point where I start to hurt myself rather than heal and strengthen my body. My mantra even shows up at the dinner table when I eat too much, too fast. My personal mantra is a place that I can look at, to ask myself what am I supposed to be learning here (maybe grace and patience?) and how can this serve me and serve others as well. And now, I ask you, what is your mantra, where does it show up, and what's there to learn?


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Blanca Diez La Quinta, CA
06/14/2021 • 9:19 pm

Love it. Marta... Man =mind Tra= Vehicle 🚗 

Mantra Vehicle of my Mind... My Mantra

Inhale Love ❤️ 

Exale Peace

and in all situation be Love