"Golf in the Kingdom" by Michael Murphy is the guiding source of wisdom for Shivas Irons Society. We find inspiration and instruction within the pages and many of our Members find that quotes such as those below help to frame how we approach not only our golf game, but also our lives. 

Every moment on the course, like every moment in life, is to some degree unique and unrepeatable.

Gowf is an exercise in perspective: every shot requires that you estimate where you are in relation to the target. Enough golf springs you free...from your  attachment  to any  point.

Tis a shame, 'tis a rotton shame, for if ye can enjoy the walkin’ ye can probably enjoy the other times in yer life when ve're in between. And that's most o' the time; wouldn't ye say?

Ye're makin' a great mistake if ye think the gemme is meant for the shots...the gemme is meant for walkin'.

Tryin' too hard is the surest way tae ruin yer game.

Tae enjoy yer'self tha's the thing, and beware the quicksand o' perfection.

Then there are the ones who are always over-dubbin' and landin' in the next tee. It's an x-ray of the soul, this game o' gowf.

Ye take the ones who always wants to think he's stronger than he is. Think about the rest o' his habits. Is he always short o' the hole?

Yes, a man's style o' play and his swing certainly reflect the state of his soul.

True gravity permeates the universe.

True gravity is intentional.

True Gravity is a universal force, an ethical imperative, and an overwhelming spiritual experience.

Ye can only know wha' true gravity is by livin' into it yersel' — not through squeezin' it and shovin' it in the way they do in the universities and laboratories. 

Ye'll come away from the links with a new hold on life, that is certain if ye play the game with all your heart.

....devoted discipline and grace will bring ye knowin's and powers everywhere, in all your life, in all your works if they're good works, in all your loves if they're good loves.

The grace that comes from such a discipline, the extra  feel in the hands, the extra strength and knowin' all those special powers ye've felt from time to time, begin to enter our lives.

Ye grow in gowf, ye come to see the things ye learn there in every other place.