"Golf in the Kingdom" by Michael Murphy is the guiding source of wisdom for Shivas Irons Society. We find inspiration and instruction within the pages and many of our Members find that quotes such as those below help to frame how we approach not only our golf game, but also our lives. 

In all o' that 'tis a microcosm o' the world, a good stage for the drama of our self-discovery.

The game is a mighty teacher — never deviatin' from its sacred rools, always ready to lead us on.

Gowf rewards us when we bring them all together, our bodies and our minds, our feelin's and our fantasies --- rewards us when we do and treats us badly when we don't.

Inclusion of all our parts, alignment o' the mall with one another and with the clubs and with the ball, with all the land we play on and with our playin' partners.

In gowf ye see the essence of what the world itself demands.

Our feelin's, fantasies, thoughts, and muscles, all must join to play.

Golf is slow enough to concentrate the mind and complex enough to require our many parts.

Fascination is the true and proper mother of discipline. And Gowf is a place to practice fascination.

We come to discipline and the loveliness o' rools, the very loveliness of the game o' gowf —

Oh, we forget and remember every day, forget and remember what we're all about.

We're all o' us joined to the growin' world, with God we're wakin' up.

Forgettin' and rememberin': Josin' and findin' our original face — the great God and all of us are in the game together.

I think we're like the great God, who lost Himself in this dark unconscious universe and wends His way back toward light and fullest knowin’.

Fascination frees our journey through the worlds and opens the doors to where we want to go.

All art and love depend on fascination.