The Value of Golf In My Life

Golf, Life & Fearlessness 

by Shivas Irons Society member Evelyn Williams

(Excerpt from a letter to a friend)

Thank you so much for your support and your kindness. You know, I took up golf to learn two things: Fearlessness, and PLAY. Both were missing in my life, and golf has made such a difference in both areas.   When I say that I’m not fearful of this thing they call cancer, I really mean it. None of will get out of here alive. I’d be more afraid of not having LIVED life to the fullest. I don’t want a life of regret, and I think I’m doing pretty good (so far).

I’ll tell you what’s funny. Every time I end up in a conversation with someone (usually a guy) about whether or not they’re a golfer, they almost always tell me what a BAD golfer they are. And then they ask me about my game and I say that I am a FINE GOLFER. They assume I have a very low handicap and they ask about it – and I proudly tell them I have a 36 index and I’ve played some of the best courses in the world. They always look so shocked. And then I tell them I’m a FINE golfer because I play fast, I know the rules and the courtesies and I can play golf with anyone. TRUTH! It’s such a shock to them that they don’t know what to say, and honestly – they probably don’t believe me. But I have found it to be true and I credit you and Fred (Shoemaker) for giving me that point of view and for helping me find courage and fearlessness.