Ben Kline

Executive Director
Ben Kline wearing Shivas Irons hat on golf course

Golf found me a little later in life. I played little when I was younger, and just a handful of times with my father who was passionate about the game. Playing golf with dad as a teenager, I would easily grow frustrated. These days, I am fascinated by the game and never get bored and rarely frustrated. For me, golf is a mirror, a source of inspiration and a wellspring of stimulating connections, both personal and phenomenological.

After working for 23 years in the Washington, D.C. area in a variety of roles in the computer and inter-networking industries, my life made a seismic shift. In 2003, I met my future wife, quit my job and moved to Marin County in Northern California. At that point I had been playing golf for a few years and was trying to figure out the next phase of my career. Influenced by my passion for golf, I got a Masters degree in sport psychology. During my studies, a friend told me about the Golf In the Kingdom workshop at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. I had already read the book and in April 2005, I attended the workshop where I met SIS founder Steve Cohen and Extraordinary Golf™ coach Bill Condaxis. That was my introduction to The Society and to so many wonderful friends and fun events. 

I look forward to meeting many more members and serving as the Society’s leader as we all carry the torch for the Spirit of the Great Gemme together.