The Shivas Irons Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Carmel, CA

Founded during the 1992 US Open at Pebble Beach

The Society is a network of like-minded individuals and organizations who believe that golf is a better, more rewarding game when played in a style that's intentionally conscious and respectful of its core roots and values.

Our programs create opportunities for the modern golfer to reconnect with the original spirit of the game in much the same way that a young Michael Murphy did throughout his 1972 novel "Golf In The Kingdom," the inspiration for the Society and one of the best selling and most influential golf books of all time.

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CONNECT with a community of golfers who share an appreciation for the ideas and principles expressed in Murphy's classic book along with the desire to better understand and integrate them into their own experience of the game.

DISCOVER and explore the philosophical, psychological and spiritual aspects of golf as revealed through the game's artwork, literature and instructional canon.

TRANSFORM and influence the culture of modern golf, one player at a time. Beginning - of course - with yourself.

The Game Was Invented A Billion Years Ago - Don't You Remember?
                                                                                     -Old Scottish Golf Saying

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The Shivas Irons Society

A 501(c)3 california nonprofit corporation

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In True Gravity...

2014 Directors

Scott Clark

Nick Green

Dr. Joseph Parent

Rob Williams


Stephen Cohen
Pres. Emeritus  

Neil Jenkins

Todd Rohrer

Adam Brucker
Gen. Manager    

Featured Artists

SPRING 2014  ||  Cover photographs appear courtesy of Society member Mike Seidl

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Advisory Board  ||  1992 2014  ||  Thank you to the following individuals for their service to the society

Michael Murphy (Co-Chairman)    C. Grant Spaeth (Co-Chairman)    Mindy Affrime    Dr. Glen Albaugh    John Ashworth    Corinne Bourdeau-Koski    Dave Buckingham    Jim Christain    Michael Cohen    John Cook    Joann Dost    Barry Grimes    William C. Gifford    Bryan J. Golden    Barry Grimes    Linda Hartough    Thomas Ingalls    Peter Jacobsen    Peter Karegeannes    Donald Knott    Dave Korba    Richard Lees    Scott McCarron    Gary McCord    HC Palmer    Steve Proudman    Steven Rockefeller, Jr.    Peter Shaerf    Fred Shoemaker    Laird Small    Diane Sickmen    Ron Tarrson    Sandy Tatum    Kirk Triplett    Hilton Tudhope    Stephen Turner    Porter Underwood    Lyman Van Slyke


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The Journal Of The Shivas Irons Society  ||  GOLF    LITERATURE    ART    LIFE  ||  PURCHASE PRINT EDITIONS


  01:  Cover, Content & Credits
            - The Shivas Irons Society
  07:  Introduction
            - Will McCulloch
  09:  Myth, History & The Sense of Place
            - Paul Zingg
  18:  Poetry: At the Goodwill
            - Timothy Walsh
  20:  In Search of Burningbush
            - Michael Konik
  31:  The Land of Counterpane
            - Robert Louis Stevenson
  32:  Introduction To Bernard Darwin
            - Jeff Silverman
  38:  The Links of Eiderdown
            - Bernard Darwin
  42:  Dialogue
            - Michael Murphy & Jeff Silverman
  48:  Gallery: Watercolor Paintings
            - Harry Roundtree
  54:  Literary Review: Golf Course Design
            - Bradley S. Klein
  62:  Increased Distance: A Con Game
            - Frank Hannigan
  68:  Ahh, Devices
            - Al Barkow


  01:  Cover, Content & Credits
            - The Shivas Irons Society
  07:  Editor's Note
            - Will McCulloch
  10:  Recollections
            - Sandy Tatum
  16:  History of the Scottish Torture
            - Alistair Cooke
  22:  The Missing Aristotle Papers on Golf
            - Alistair Cooke
  26:  17th Hole On A Perfect Day In June
            - William Hallberg
  38:  St. Ednodoc & Sir John Betjeman
            - Noel Freeman & Sir John Betjeman
  44:  Gallery: Cigarette Cards
            - H.H. Harris
  52:  The Innocence Of Links
            - Geoff Shackelford
  58:  The Way To Calgary Bay
            - Bo Links
  62:  A Trip To The Etiquette Confessional
            - Michael Griffith
  68:  Other Voices
            - Anjana Basu, Gemma Lennie, H.A.


  01:  Cover, Content & Credits
            - The Shivas Irons Society
  05:  The Golfer In Winter
            - Andy Brumer
  06:  Editor's Note
            - Al Barkow
  08:  A Conversation With Michael Murphy
            - Al Barkow
  18:  The Golfing Life of Charles Schulz
            - Lyman Van Slyke
  28:  Gallery: Lost Balls
            - Charles Lindsay
  34:  Golf & Railway Advertising In Britain
            - Beverly Cole
  40:  The Budda & Me
            - Ron Salsig
  44:  Of Putting
            - Sir W. G. Simpson
  54:  Rules... Rules... Rules...
            - Grant Spaeth
  62:  The Ceramic Golfer
            - Michael Cajero


  01:  Cover, Content & Credits
            - The Shivas Irons Society
  06:  Editor's Note
            - Al Barkow
  10:  The Budda's Eighteenth Hole
            - James Carse
  16:  Poetry
            - Lazar | Gunderman | Colby | Nelson
  20:  Commending Donald Ross
            - Robert Hunter
  22:  Golf in Non-golf Literature
            - The Editors
  28:  Tiger's Old Soul
            - Ron Salsig
  30:  Gallery: Golf Paintings
            - James B. Thompson
  35:  Golf Stamps
            - Mike Schaefer
  41:  Golf At An Undisclosed Location
            - Hilton Tudhope
  47:  Interview With Fred Shoemaker
            - The Editors
  56:  Golf Dreams
            - Al Barkow